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Black berries are naturally sour and therefore not suitable for direct consumption. Because of the infusion process the berry has many usages, for example in the muesli or yoghurt.

Black berries are also delicious to eat with a layer of chocolate.

Black berries have more antioxidants than blueberries.

Sour cherries

Delicious as candy or as sweet snack. Dried cherries also work well after an work out as an energy boost. Delicious dried fruit of a high quality, using only the best cherries. The dried cherry is great with corn flakes, couscous or rice.

Cultivated blueberries

Dried blue berries are full of good fabrics. They taste great by all kinds of desserts and cakes or as a tasty snack.


The dried strawberry, produced in Europe, has a very natural character.

Dried strawberries are a little bit sweeter than fresh. Delicious in muffins, muesli, yoghurt, with vanilla ice cream, cupcakes and chocolate fondue.

Ginger dried is a popular spice.

Dried Ginger is sharper in flavour than fresh ginger. Ginger is also poured into concentrated sugar water

Candied Ginger has a spicy sweet taste. You can eat this, but you can also use this in desserts and pastries. It is also served with chutney, cream cheese and fruit desserts or mixed with soy sauce for vegetables and spring rolls.

Orange peel

An orange peel contains about four times more fibbers than the fruit itself.

The candied fruit has a fresh natural orange flavour.

Lemon peel

Lemon peels contains vitamins, minerals and fibbers. Grated lemon peel adds something extra to salads and tea.

The candied fruit has a fresh natural lemon flavour.

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